Napoleonic Fire-screen or Fire-board


A gorgeous fire-screen block printed on paper on canvas panel. The male figure, who is wearing the uniform from the French 7th Hussar Regiment (active 1792 - 1815), is relaxing, seated at a table holding a drink, his female companion, wearing a very fashionable dress and bonnet, sits opposite holding out a drink to the young boy who is dancing before them. In the centre at the bottom of the paper above the boarder are the words 'tiens prends' - take this. On the lower RH corner there is a writing perhaps a letter (?) - still to be deciphered !

The 7th Hussar's were known for their daring feats in battle as well as the attraction they held over the opposite sex. The colour is still vibrant although there is considerable wear - still, it makes for a great addition to any room. 

These panels were frequently used for two very different purposes. One use was as a fire-screen or fire-board; the paper would be mounted onto a vertical framework and placed inside the hearth in the summer months to fill the dark void with an ornamented panel. The panels were also used to fill the void over doors, helping carry the wall treatment up to the ceiling.

  • France
  • circ.1800 - 1815
  • Block print on paper on canvas
  • h: 87cm, w: 108cm
  • Product Code: TB0057

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