About Ben Stoner

Ben started dealing and restoring furniture in 1982 whilst a student at university. A few years later antiques had become an all consuming passion for him. His career path having taken a firm turn he decided on a course to improve his knowledge and skills, this resulted in moving to England in 1991 to undertake training at the renowned West Dean College in Sussex.

After graduating from West Dean he was awarded a grant to undertake further study in Fine and Decorative Arts at Christies Education, South Kensington in association with The Royal Society of the Arts, London. He then worked 'in the trade' for a number of respected London dealers including Godson & Coles. Outside of work Ben showed great enthusiasm with his Ceroc dance moves.

Ben returned to Australia in late 1995 with a container of English and Continental furniture supplemented by some great pieces he found on a trip to India. He first set up business in Pyrmont later moving to Chippendale in 1998. Fortunately his driving skills have improved since coming home although it is generally agreed he is a much better driver when on the autobahn routes of Europe.

Growing up in Avalon, a northern Sydney suburb, Ben spent a good deal of time surfing and sailing - he is a Pisces after all. Luckily for him, his English father and Dutch mother had the very good sense and foresight to take him out of high school for a year to live in France. Since then he hasn't had the need for any excuses to return to the land of the perfect omelette or indeed to travel full stop. He is a confirmed Francophile and the love of snooping about antique markets, 'puces', shops and some pretty unlikely places too to discover treasure, continue to learn and make friends along the way, is the goal. 

Ben can be found cross country skiing or enjoying beautiful Sydney Harbour when he can snatch time away from BSA. Here acting like a modern day Captain Bligh  - an indulgence which his family and friends allow him, Ben takes the helm of the 36ft, 1910 Tasmanian built, huon pine yacht "Weene". An antique boat and an antique restorer, it is the perfect match. "Weene" is affectionately described by Ben's wife, Elizabeth, as 'the mistress'. The BSA team are working energetically to restore her to race condition. To that end several sailing days are timetabled to check progress and to air work related matters - of course!  

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