Company Profile

Ben Stoner Antiques specialises in the restoration and conservation of antiques, fine furniture and objects.

BSA provides the utmost care and service to all work, utilising a wide range of traditional techniques whilst keeping up to date with innovations in conservation.

Our philosophy is to retain the integrity of the furniture and objects by focusing on craftsmanship and sympathetic methods. 

Our skills can also be matched to bespoke projects. 

BSA sells a fabulous selection of antiques, vintage and decorative items which are available to hire for film, fashion and advertising photo-shoots or for adding the look when wanting to sell a property. 

Our 1910 classic yacht 'Weene', is also available for hire.




BSA covers a whole 3 storey former warehouse which is centrally located 5 minutes from Sydney CBD at 24 Queen St, Chippendale. We are just around the corner from White Rabbit gallery and Ester restaurant and bar too.

  • Ground Floor: Event Space for exhibition, launches, pop-ups and projects as well as client parking
  • First Floor: The Conservation and Restoration Workshop
  • Second Floor: The Showroom  

We can be found on Facebook at Ben Stoner Antiques and Instagram at 'hisbateauherchateau' - as you can see Ben has the bateau and Elizabeth delights in la grande chasse du château.

BSA has also developed its own range of furniture wax and this is now available for purchase.        

Industry Memberships

Ben Stoner is a member and service provider of the Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association and he has been a committee member of the AAADA NSW Chapter since 2002. He is also on the committee of The Furniture History Society of Australasia. Ben regularly gives talks and demonstrations on furniture, conservation and restoration as part of the FHSA and AAADA calendar of events.

BSA Services

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