The American Embassy table.



Following is an extract from the American Embassy, Canberra, catalogue regarding their period room setting.

English visitors in America in the early nineteenth century often were astounded at the abundance set before them at dinner. More than simply being invited to eat, they were pressed to feast both on fine food and drink as well as to enjoy convivial company. 

With dining often the centre of social life, Americans developed the habit of being prepared for company. In earlier times, rooms served multiple purposes and drop leaf tables often were pushed against the wall when not in use. By the 1820s a room had been designated primarily for dining only, not combined with the card playing, schooling, business or even nursing as in the century before.

This pedestal table was created to be left standing in the middle of the dining room at all times. It was inspired by an American neoclassic piece made about 1820. The original design has been modified slightly to accommodate the scale of modern rooms as well as to increase the comfort and stability of the table itself. Castors on brass paw feet make it easier to move.

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