Image from Polymetis


This print has been removed from John Spence's Polymetis or An Enquiry Concerning The Agreement Between The Works of the the Roman Past and The remains of the Ancient Artists, which was first printed in London in 1747 and again in 1755 and 1774.

Engraved by Louis Peter Boitard (active 1733 - 1770) from a drawing by Camillo Paderni (1720 - 1770) a painter, sculptor and the Chief Restorer for the court of Charles III and Conservator at the Portico Museum where the antiquities at Herculaneum and Pompei were collected and catalogued for the Royal Collection.

Engraving XXIV is from Polymetis Book the Eighth of the Deities of the Earth. Taken from the original relievo or relief sculpture in the Villa Medici in Rome titled The Injudicious Chance of Paris, the Destruction of the Asiatic Empire.

More information to come.

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