Imari Export Bowl


Imari export porcelain shallow bowl hand painted with flora including blossom and chrysanthemum, as well as butterflies and a bird. Blue 'ribbon' decoration to the sides. The bowl is raised on bronze mounts which are stamped 'H' to the underside. The bronze feet and frieze are decorated with a 'demon's' head.  Whilst the handles are decorated with a bearded 'wiseman'. Simulated bamboo to the rim and base completes the bronze mount decoration. A red underglaze makers mark of Fukagawa Koransha  - known as the Company of the Scented Orchid is on the underside of the bowl. This company founded in 1875 from a long line of potters was formed to produce export wares. They exhibited at various international trade fairs including the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1876 and the Melbourne International Exhibition in 1880. In 1900 they were awarded the gold medal at the Paris International Exposition. The company which is still operating has served as purveyor for the Japanese Imperial Household since 1910. Clay from Amakusa was used to produce a pure white base.

  • Japan
  • C1900
  • h:11cm, w:35cm, dia:25cm
  • Product Code: FC026

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