Stockman of Paris Mannequin


Stockman of Paris Mannequin.  The trademark Stockman stencil with shape reference number (30247) are still visible on the base of the dress form and at the neck the initials 'F.S' for  Frédéric Stockman and the number '34' can be seen. The black wooden tripod stand is adjustable and the metal turn states 'PARIS'. The ‘poignée’ allows the mannequin to be turned with out moving the base. One shoulder is missing half its wooden toggle and there are some water marks but otherwise in good condition. She is ideal for displaying special pieces of jewellery and 'dressing up', great for photo shoots or use in an atelier or boutique. 


Frédéric Stockman, was a young sculptor who invented the tailor’s dummies made from papier mâché in 1867. Stockman’s mannequins have been reflecting body shapes since the middle of the 19th century. Handcrafted they are made from recycled paper and are covered in classic off white cotton. Stockman has been providing the finest Haute-Couture houses and fashion industry companies for decades, including thay for Dior's 'New Look' in 1947.

  • French
  • Metal, cotton, papier mâché
  • c1910
  • height ajustable

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