What we do

BSA Conservation & Restoration specializes in maintaining and enhancing original surfaces and patina and by doing so the historical, aesthetic and financial value of the piece is retained. Utilizing our expert knowledge of traditional techniques and materials, BSA's services include:

  • cabinetmaking and structural repairs
  • staining and colour matching
  • traditional hand French polishing and shellac finishes
  • traditional hand burnished wax and oil finishes
  • veneering, marquetry and boulle work
  • leather inlay and tooling
  • carving
  • gilding
  • painted and decorative finishes
  • framing
  • and much more

    Who we work with

    We provide a personalized and expert service to institutions, individuals, auction houses and antique dealers. As well as this, BSA can craft bespoke cabinet and woodworking projects for heritage and interior architects as well as designers.

    Code of Practice

    At BSA we adhere to the professionally recognized code of ethics and practice of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material Inc.(AICCM) and the Australian Art and Antique Dealers Association (AAADA).

    Our reputation for excellence is paramount

    If you have a piece that requires restoration, please contact us to request an estimate, or to purchase some of our pieces, you can view a selection online or contact us to visit our showroom.